The Art of Taiyaki

soft serve ice cream in a fish shaped waffle cone

Image by: Brooke Davis

Out of all the desserts that can be consumed throughout the world, I am the biggest fan of ice cream. I find that ice cream can be prepared in so many ways that it can vary in flavor based on the region and its flavor options. Ice cream has evolved so much over the years that it can truly be created in a differing way. There is sweet and savory, store-bought and artisan as well as those that accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegan or gluten-free. I have such a love for ice cream because it is always changing to adjust to the modernization of ingredients.

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake which literally means baked sea bream. There are many variations to this Japanese delicacy which come with an array of fillings both sweet and savory. The most common filling is the red bean paste which consisted of sweetened azuki beans that is ground into a thickly smooth paste. Taiyaki is readily created by the use of waffle batter as well as pancake batter depending on the shop selling them. The batter in then placed into a mold that is shaped like a fish for each side after it is cooked lightly, it is then filled with the desired filling. Then, both halves of the fish shaped waffle is put together to closed the mold then it is cooked on both sides until golden brown. Usually after it is fully cooked is when the soft-serve ice cream is added to top the waffle.

Taiyaki is such a creative dessert as it truly evokes many different textures in one single dessert. The waffle itself comes from a recipe that is designed to be chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside then it is generously paired with the smooth, creaminess of ice cream that fills the entire waffle. Taiyaki has taken New York City by storm in that it has been added to the latest food trend craze. One of the most iconic places to purchase this particular dessert is at Taiyaki NYC which is located in Lower Manhattan and is very inexpensive in that it only costs about seven dollars to purchase an ice cream filled waffle. The flavors of ice cream is constantly updated which makes the experience all the more fun.

Comment below some of your favorite and most unique experiences with ice cream that you have tasted.

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