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On Wednesday I walked out of my apartment wearing a hoodie and a jacket, thinking that outside was chilly based on how the previous days looked. When I got outside I was surprised by how warm the weather actually was. I had to go back inside and change. Some people even brought out their dresses and flip-flops as if it was summer. Yet later that day, weather reporters were talking about a snow storm heading our way for Thursday. Wait what? The snow fell so much that schools were closed and people were advised to stay safe. Crazy right? How the weather seem to change seasons in just one day. While this change can appear that way for us, is it not surprising at all for meteorologists. They are scientist that study the atmosphere and most of them in this field work for a “government agency, the National Weather Service”. What I understood of meteorologists prior to doing this post was that their job was to study past weather reports in preparation for what can occur in the future. However, they can do way more than that. According to the website ‘CollegeBoard‘, meteorologists can also be hired by businesses “to help them make decisions based on the weather.-Conduct research, [study] the atmosphere, climatic changes, or environmental problems”.

People who might be interested in going into this field must be good in using computers, doing math, science and English. The use of computers is highly important for this career. Meteorologist use computers and intricate math to interpret weather information. Some examples given on the site were for “temperature, wind speed, and humidity.” Those that consider this occupation must have a passion for the science behind it, so they must do well in the subject as well. Finally, they will need English because meteorologists are going to write down their reports and to do that they will need to make sure they are clear in the point they are trying to make. Those that are grad students wanting to become a meteorologist do not need to “major in meteorology”, yet they would need to accomplish demanding course requirements if they desire to work for “the federal government right after earning [their] bachelor’s”. This field is competitive so getting a graduates degree can be just the something that makes you stand out.

Becoming a meteorologist can be an amazing job for those curious about the weather, change in climate and predicting if it will rain or snow. In my opinion it is a great field for those that have a love for the environment and are good in the subjects I mentioned above. If you want to know more about this career check the website provided in this post as well as the link on that page. Thank you for reading. If you found this post interesting, helpful or whatever- you can leave a comment bellow and be sure to continue to explore your own path towards academic self-discovery.

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