Taking Portraits

I am usually a landscape photographer I mostly take photos of buildings,
bridges,  streets, parks and basically any structures and subjects
that my eye catch and can somehow depict New York City.

So lately, I have expanded my horizons to better explore other aspects of
photography. Taking photos and trying to tell a story about a particular
moment is a passion of mine and that passion have been taken into taking
portraiture. It’s not that I have never taken portraits before, but now I am just
more focused on adding more of the human aspect in my photographs.What I found particularly interesting about taking portraits, is that weather your subject is a family member, friend, stranger or some random person you’ve seen somewhere,  every portrait is different and you have to capture the image specifically to accommodate to that person in a way that their stories are being told in the most accurate way as possible.

Thus it is helpful to chat with your subject and find out a
little bit about him/her in order to get their story in the photograph. The
journey of taking portraits have been a great experience so far and I’m
looking forward to meet new people and to capture their stories.

a young man of color sitting on stone steps in jeans and a white shirtPhoto taken in Queens


a young woman of color in front of a city skyline on the shorePhoto taken at Gantry Park Plaza


a young woman of color in a walkway lined by plantsPhoto taken at Gantry park Plaza


a young woman with long hair holding a "New York City FC" signPhoto taken at Times Square


a young man on red stairs, wearing a puffy blue jacket and a ski hatPhoto taken at Times Square


a man in a Spiderman face maskPhoto taken in The Bronx

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