The Evolution of Food

In America, food is always being wasted each and every day because of blemishes and other trivial reasons that that mark them sub-par and unsellable. This contributes to the high percentage of food wasted per year. Despite the rising number of those living in poverty that are constantly struggling to make ends meet and afford food, this surplus of food is still being thrown away. The addition of food banks help but can only feed so many people at once. It would be more beneficial if local supermarkets could also aid in this sustainable movement to assist many people in being able to purchase necessary food items for their families.

One of the newest, and most innovative, store in Denmark, is WeFood, located in Amager, Copenhagen which opened on February 22nd sells fruits, vegetables, dairy, bread, and other food items as well as household items that have passed their expiration dates or have been damaged in any way. Although, it might seemed weird to eat food that has expired, the expiration date doesn’t hold as much significance as one might believe. It is simply a time stamp as to when it is best to eat especially in terms of taste when that date passes it doesn’t mean the food is rotten but has passed its peak ripeness. When one declares that food is rotten it should be based on more than an approximate date, for instance orange juice is supposedly good based on the date that it will expire but may smell and taste rancid. The date says it’s safe but it clearly isn’t.

the outside view of the wefood supermarket

Image by: noestlerdk

This gives families the independence of purchasing their own food which fortunately for them are being sold at reduced prices. It has allowed food waste to reduce significantly in Denmark who were inspired to pursue this movement, by France which has put a ban into effect on trashing or spoiling unsold food items.

It would be revolutionary change in the way we view supermarkets if this were to occur in any number of supermarkets or stores in the United States. It would benefit underprivileged families as our annual food waste is only increasing each year and the reasoning behind this is based on what we find not fit to be readily sold. But I feel that we are too focused on the fine print on labels for our food instead of the actual food itself as well as the benefit salvaging this mediocre food would have on those in need.

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