Rush Hour Commute

Probably everyone who drive or have to commute by car to their destination, knows the burden of commuting during rush hours in New York City.

Commuting either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, is not always an easy task. Being stock in NYC traffic is one of the craziest experience a New Yorkers can have . New Yorkers are known to be rude so imagine how unpleasent it gets when another driver is honking or even worst cursing at you for whatever reasons. It really can get very heated during rush hour traffic especially when you are late and not in your best mood. But nonetheless it is one of things New Yorkers have to live with it in a daily basis.

cars in the streetManhattan – New York


cars on a bridgeBrooklyn Bridge – New York


cars on a riverside highwayManhattan – New York


cars on a bridge at nightBrooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn

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