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Have you ever dreamt of making a meal that has the sophistication of chef Julia Childs? Or create an unforgettable meal that is not only artistic but delicious? To achieve this, it seems almost reasonable to attend a cooking class or two (or three) to create an epic meal. But there is easier way to be able to surprise your guests at dinner with the vast amount of online meal kit services. With the help of companies such as Plated, Blue Apron, Munchery and Hello Fresh as well as many others, making an extravagant meal is simpler yet you can still impress many with your meal. These companies essentially will have a variety of meals to choose from with serving sizes, after this is chosen the price is determined and it will then be sent to your home. The package consists of each ingredient which has already been carefully scaled, weighed, and measured so all that is required is to follow the detailed directions (some will even have pictures) in order to yield the delicious meal. Many compare these sites to GrubHub and Seamless but it is actually extremely different in terms of service as these are offering to deliver takeout orders instead of a pre-packaged meal that can be home-cooked.

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Plated offers numerous options for meals whether beef, vegetarian, poultry, seafood, and dessert which are available for two persons.  The menu changes each week but has at least seven menu items delicately created by Plated chefs. The meals can be ordered a la carte or as a complete set after a weekly subscription has been applied which allows for 20% off all plates as well as the chance to receive some bonus complimentary plates if you refer a friend. The monthly membership costs only ten dollars a month but eight dollars per month if it is purchased in advance for the entire year. The company prides itself on the origin of its ingredients that are sustainable, fresh, and antibiotic-free. The food delivery is packaged with step-by-step recipe cards along with the pre-portioned food to avoid food waste and to lower the preparation of the meal in a recyclable refrigerated box on the selected date of delivery.

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Blue Apron is a well-known online meal kit service that provides exquisite meals in the selection of either a two-person or four-person options. The site offers how-to videos which teach cooking tutorials that are commonly used when cooking a meal. Blue Apron has a free sign-up which does not have a contract so you can opt out at any time although you must still abide by a subscription which is a flat rate for three meals per week, meal weeks can easily be skipped and shipping is always free. Similar to Plated, they accommodate each customer’s dietary restrictions as long as it is include in their profile. The package of food will be prepared just like Plated but Blue Apron puts the food in an insulated bag so the food will not retard and can last longer. There is also a subscription for wine which is carefully paired with the food that you have purchased for monthly deliveries of six wines that have been designed to serve only two people.

If interested, in these services, I have places some links below for coupons and promo codes although I am not promoting these services in any way, it is all simply a meal suggestion.


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