One Life to Live. One Love to Give.

This week I’d like to feature Poetic Justice (Officer Dave Edwards), who did a poetry performance at City Tech’s Literary Arts Festival this past March. After asking for his favorite quote about life, here is what he gave me. And I have lettered it along with a photograph I took of him during his performance.

a man with a microphone, and the words "I have one life to live, one love to give."

“One life to live. One love to give.

Amazing exotic and full of grace.
I’d never forget the look on her face.
Her smile so inviting, simple yet sweet.
A woman of rear form, from her head to her feet.
Her eyes just like diamonds.
Her smile shines like the Sun.
If anyone has a heart of gold
I swear she is the one.
So my beautiful friend of
this I am positive
You have showed me I have only
One life to live and one love to give.”

– Dave Edwards a.k.a. Poetic Justice

4 thoughts on “One Life to Live. One Love to Give.

  1. Mandy,

    Thank you for highlighting the poetry of Officer Edwards. He has been a long time contributor to City Tech poetry scene. And he serves as a wonderful role model as Poetic Justice.
    He understands that words are powerful, that social justice is a process, and that we each need to participate in ways that are meaningful everyday.

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