NYC Restaurant Week

Have you ever wanted to dine in an expensive restaurant…a Michelin star restaurant? Have you ever wanted to eat like royalty? Have you ever wanted to eat at a fine dining restaurant for a reduced price? Well, now’s the time that you can because it officially Restaurant Week in New York City. Restaurant Week has become a phenomenon for both mid-summer and mid-winter in New York in which it captivates the culinary world to share the inexpensive costs of normally financially exuberant meals. The entirely of Restaurant Week is to enable restaurants to create better sales for their business by offering more affordable prices in order to encourage more customers to dine at their restaurants. It helps restaurants to evoke their culinary skills to customers that under other conditions would not be able to purchase these gourmet meals. It also helps to increase foot traffic when it is a slow time of year for business.

It is nationwide event that takes place all over America but is widely appreciated in New York for its constant expansion of food. Restaurant Week in New York has already begun on January 23rd and will run until February 10th. It is being offered in over thirty-five neighborhoods with over three hundred eighty-five. There are so many restaurants that are a part of this special culinary-inspired week that the options are endless. With a vast variety of cuisines and culinary styles, there are so many choices to decide to dine. The discounts are eligible only on weekdays excluding Saturdays, although certain restaurants will include their discounts on Sundays. It works based on a prix-fixe menu which is usually a three-course meal that is set a fixed price with a few options. The three courses consist of an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. The reduced prices apply for both lunch and dinner; the lunch prix-fixe menu costs only $29 while the dinner prix-fixe menu costs only $42.

You can make reservations on OpenTable and on NYCGo as well as browse the restaurants that are participating in Restaurant Week. There is also a chance to win a $50 gift card to go towards your next meal for any of the participating restaurants when you snap photographs of your prix-fixe meal and post it to Instagram with the hashtag, #NYCRestaurantWeek, daily through the entirety of Restaurant Week.

Comment below if you would be interested in dining at any of the participating restaurants for New York City’s Restaurant Week or if you have in the past.

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