Nature’s Perfume

Roses beautiful, never the same, each with thorns, never without; they protect themselves from harm. For even beautiful creatures can harm. Flowers, the very essence of nature’s presence, I appreciate every petal, every blossom For my regular readers, you all know I love nature, so I dedicate this post to nature’s perfume, flowers.

With the season coming to an end, and winter fast approaching, the flowers wilt, the colors of the earth turn to shades, grey, white, and black. It’s an exciting transformation but a sad one as well; as if mother nature, herself, enters hibernation. But there is beauty in the dullness of winter. I guess that conversation will be a topic for another day  *hint-hint*.

Flowers are my remedy, and I can define that in so many ways. In both mental and physical meanings, flowers hold a strong healing ability. They give us a natural way to heal from anxiety and depression. In a document, created by Doctor Edward group DC, it is mentioned that “Color is everywhere and has many functions. In nature, animals and plants use color for camouflage and to facilitate mating. Humans decorate and dress with color for expression. Color preference has a psychological effect on mood and affects people on a subconscious level.” So in other words, colors induce different emotions like how many people describe blue to be a sad emotion or red to be an angry emotion. How would you describe color??

It’s no wonder why nowadays we have adult coloring books, it relieves a lot of people stress but, for me, I keep it to a physical level. I like to use my senses, the ability to touch and see nature helps keep me calm and relaxed. To me, something about actually being there, in the moment, leads me to a state of tranquility. When I’m at home I often feel suppressed as if I’m a bird in a cage. I long to be free, since the noise engulfs my very spirit. So, I take walks to wherever there is color or vibrancy to help me clear my mind from life’s daily stressful thoughts.

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