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Good Afternoon City Tech, Genny here continuing with the topic of Midterms. Now last week I discussed a few pointers but this week I wanted to touch back with my roots, nature, the best remedy mankind has. Nature is a wonderful place to get away from the daily commutes, stress of daily modern technology and life itself. A place where we can get in touch with ourselves and to relax; no worries at all just the songs of nature, the birds, and winds. With exams, this is something I recommend to EVERYONE. City life is great and all, but it’s not the best for calmness and comfort when midterms are right around the corner.

The simple things in life are the nest and the best things in life are free. Nature gives us beauty and serene ambiance, one look and my stress is flushed away, Walking can do wonders when you’re in a green thumb area, it’s like soul food but for the mind. If you have a busy schedule and you can’t go far I recommend going to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s not far it’s walking distance, though do bring a bottle of water with you, friendly tip from  my experience haha.  

Credit: Brooklyn Heights Promenade web.

A beautiful sight to see right?? As I mentioned in previous blogs, nature does have an impact on the mind, it’s just encoded in our genes, before technology all mankind had was nature, to relieve and bring us peace. Now is the perfect time to go on a small adventure to take your mind away for a while, after all you can’t do an exam properly if your head isn’t cleared, maybe it just needs a green touch, and time away from the grey and dull writing of flashcards and review papers. and if you have a place in mind, lemme know! I’d love to hear your nature friendly experiences and perhaps even experience them, I do love exploring new places! As always, positive vibes to all and I wish you the best of luck in any upcoming exams! 10/4.




2 thoughts on “Natural Remedies

  1. I totally agree, Genny, that nature is a stress remedy. Only a few weeks ago during a 2 hour break between classes, my fiance and I went down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to just lay down on one of the grassy hills, which a lot of other couples and family members were doing. The weather was great and I was happy to have a space to just breathe fresh air and not have to think about anything, plus it was comfortable. I wish I could do that more often!

  2. I absolutely LOVE The Brooklyn Promenade! My sister and I go there all the time. That park has seen so many different sides of ourselves; happy, sad, heartbroken, angered, heat exhausted, etc.

    Hands down, one of my favorite places in Brooklyn.

    Robine, you’re totally right! sometimes you have to schedule time to relax because it’s just that necessary and important to our overall health.

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