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I’ve written several posts regarding of foods I have tried and foods that I liked, but I haven’t written about foods I want to eat one day, some day, but haven’t. I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to random foods I hope to try one day also known as my bucket list and today, I’d like to share a part of my food bucket list with you.

a dish of lobster macaroni and cheese

Image by All Recipes

I’ve tried a lot of different mac and cheese in the past years, but one type I’ve never had that I absolutely want to try is lobster mac and cheese! I imagine it won’t taste any different from a crab mac and cheese, but lobster mac and cheese would probably be slightly sweeter because of the meat. This is definitely something I need to try soon as it’s been on my list forever!

As a New York City born individual and foodie, believe it or not I’ve never tried the famous pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen before. I have passed by Kat’z many times, but never had the opportunity to go in to try the food and experience the atmosphere. I definitely need to get the ball rolling with trying out this iconic spot!

a burger

Image by chew haven

I love Shake Shack! I’ll never forget the first time I tried their Shroom’ burger which was absolutely heaven. I learned that Shake Shack has a more magnificent burger, more magnificent than the Shroom’ burger. The burger is called “Shack Stack” which is a cheeseburger and a Shroom’ burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. That sounds really amazing and I so need to try this.

If you don’t already know by now, I am a huge ice cream lover! I’ve tried many flavors, but there’s one flavor I always see and hear about, but never tried and that’s Pistachio ice cream. I’ve always been curious about how it tastes and if it tastes nutty like peanut butter or almond ice cream.

a dessert in a Magnolia Bakery cup

Image by the food joy

I’ve heard of Magnolia Bakery before, but never visited the bakery nor have I really tried their foods. One item I heard that Magnolia is really famous for is their banana pudding which consists of layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and creamy vanilla pudding. Doesn’t that sound delicious? I’m not a huge fan of rice pudding or pudding in general, but I would make an exception to try this banana pudding.

Well these are the top five items on my food bucket list I definitely want to try by the end of this year or at some point when I feel courageous enough or have time. You can definitely check out the rest of what I want to try by clicking here.

Are there any foods you would like to try, but haven’t? If so, what are they?

4 thoughts on “My Food Bucket List

  1. You always make me hungry with your food post lol. I’ve never tired that new burger from shake shark but I’ll give it a try
    Pistachio ice cream is the best! I love it
    I’ve had Indian food once before and loved it but I would like to try a few more dishes from it

  2. I am extremely interested in Australian and Canadian cuisine so after reading your post I recall the first time I tasted Vegemite and I didn’t exactly enjoy it. But as far as trying new foods, I want to taste some authentic poutine but I am always willing to try new foods.

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