“Moving Forward – Post Election”

It’s been an awkward week here in America. Dull train rides and even quiet hallways here on campus.

It difficult for many to move forward knowing that their very own President doesn’t agree with most of their beliefs or even in many cases their race! But what can we do besides grieve and shelter ourselves for the next four years? We can all stand tall and unite to send a message.

I encourage everyone this upcoming Thursday, TOMORROW, at 12:45pm to stop by the Namm Cafeteria as various departments will be collaborating to host a forum on moving forward post the Presidential election. Students will be permitted to express their feelings about the election results and share ideas on how to come together and make a difference/change. An opportunity for students to come together and learn more about their rights and how to advocate properly. Pocket Constitutions along with a “Know Your Rights – Demonstrations and Protests” info card will be distributed – while supplies last.

Signs about moving forward after the election

Throughout the week, Student Government Association will also be tabling both in the Namm and Voorhees building having students write positive and uplifting messages on post-it notes which will be posted on SGA’s Unity Wall by the Namm Cafeteria. Students are reminded that City Tech is a safe haven for all, even when they don’t feel it in the outside community. No matter your race, creed or religion, you’re always welcome in the City Tech – Ohana.

a checkerboard of post-it notes with writing

Get involved and express yourself at the comfort of your home, City Tech.


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