Life After Undergrad: Knock on every closed door

When you leave college and shed your student security blanket it can be hard to find other opportunities that give you the same challenge that college used to. For me college was something I became good at– and very proud of. When I came back to school after a hiatus I put my all into being a good student, staying organized and having a good GPA. When undergrad came to a close I kind of mourned my student status because I had put so much effort into making it great. I realized though that I could put the same amount of effort and time into my professional status to build that up just as high.

A professional network is much wider and much more vast than my student one. Recently, my regional boss came to visit my office and to my surprise it went well. In fact it went better than I could have imagined, after my days long panic over the visit. I was so focused on making sure I didn’t screw up that I didn’t stop and think that I should be marketing myself. Not market in a cheesy way but instead showcase my abilities and competence in my job role. After going over the Ps and Qs of my job we actually had a conversation and I shared some of my marketing and social media ideas with him– and he liked it! I was even given permission to start a hashtag campaign for my office, I was stoked!

My point here is not to leave any stone unturned– go out there and make it happen. When you’re confident other people take notice and they gravitate to you. After that office visit the regional manager told my boss that he was impressed with me– something that I’d never imagined could happen. Sometimes I think I sell myself short and forget that I’m no longer a 22-year-old with little experience. I’m considered an industry professional with nearly a decade of experience– and I need to be darn proud of it!

2 thoughts on “Life After Undergrad: Knock on every closed door

  1. It’s been an amazing experience watching you grow through your blog posts. I admire your tenacity and get-it-done attitude. I love the fact that you realized there was more to do after undergrad, and that you could put the same passion into building your career. Sometimes people put so much effort into one dream that when it’s accomplished, they don’t know what to do anymore, and they either become complacent or they regress. The thing is, you have to keep dreaming, so I’m glad you still are.

  2. Sam,

    I just want to say congratulations on having a great meeting with your regional boss. This is a major step in your professional career and I am proud to call you my blog sister. Keep doing your thing and paving the way for college students, who like you once felt more comfortable in the college setting. Now that you have gone from being a serious student with a great work ethic to a professional with a great work ethic no obstacles can stand in your way. Keep being great !

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