Life After Undergrad: A heartfelt farewell

The time has arrived City Tech, not only is it graduation time it is also my last blog with The Buzz. I started with The Buzz two years ago in January of 2016 and it has been an amazing ride. I was so honored to be considered for a position with the schools blog and I have grown so much in the time I’ve been here not only as a writer but as a person. I have met so many amazing people and been able to attend really interesting events and conferences. Most of all though, I made lifelong friends. My current cohort of fellow bloggers is all female and they are so empowering and fierce. I thank them for being so amazing, supportive and all around kick ass females!

I thank Professor Belli, for recommending me for this position so many semesters ago and always believing in my abilities. I thank Syelle, for being so down to earth and fun to be around always encouraging us girls to reach for the stars. I thank Professor Rosen, for always offering advice and ideas to stretch our abilities as writers. I also want to thank all the other people who have come and gone from our team over the past two years, you have all encouraged me in so many ways.

I have always loved to write but being able to have a platform to express myself and make my voice heard, is priceless. I am so proud of the work I have done here and I will always reference my time and experience here in all my future endeavors. This is Samantha, signing off.

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