Joy to the world!

Good Afternoon City Tech! For City Tech Freshman I want to say that, I hope finals went well for you, congrats on making it this far I know it’s hard but it goes to show that you’re capable of doing big things, just being here is a massive achievement. I also want to remind you that as students you have rights within the CUNY system. In the end if you feel as if you haven’t been graded fairly you can always speak to your professor and if they’re not responding then you may go to the Department Chair.

On a better note, the holidays are almost here and as the year is coming to an end I’d like to send warm wishes to everyone. I would love to send a massive shoutout to everyone at The Buzz for their love, devotion and support, this group gave me something worth wild, a community of strong and intelligent woman who do not fear to speak their minds. Today’s post is a short one but a meaningful one. Brianna and Sabrina, you both brought of enthusiasm and light into the table and you both helped me get through this semester and reminded me to breathe and calm down. I’d also would love to send a shout out to Professor Genevieve Hitchings! Although you were my professor last semester, you kept in contact. When I needed help you were the first person I can think of to email, ladies and gentleman she’s a prime example that professor’s do care for your wellbeing and will help you if you ever need assistance is your academics or if you just need someone to hear you out, that goes to you freshman! don’t be afraid to speak up! 

Illustrator: Gennessy Palma

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