Brotherships Pt.1


And thus, the interviews return! Please welcome my


Pebbles: So, what are your names?
Erikson: Erikson Calungsod


Raphael: Galactic Superstar President Superstar McAwesomeville… It’s a reference. Look it up. Just kidding. It’s Raphael Calungsod.


Pebbles: Are you guys planning to go to college? 
Raphael: No! (Spins a tale of future of being a bum) I’m just kidding. I’m applying to currently. 
Pebbles: And what are you guys planning on majoring in in college?
Raphael: Erikson? 
Erikson: Uh… Computer Science.
Pebbles: Kay…
Erikson: Cos its cool.
Raphael: A BFA. Hopefully. Something that involves digital art. Hopefully. 


Pebbles: What’s your dream job? 
Erikson: Make pretty cool games! 
Pebbles: Like what? Do you have an example? 
Erikson: Hyperlight Drifter, Old Mans Journey… 
Raphael: So… Aesthetic indie games. 
Erikson: Yeah.
Pebbles: (To Raphael) So, what about you?
Raphael: Anything beautiful! It doesn’t matter— movies, games, a show, who knows. Just— 
Erikson: OR! Or to be a fighter pilot because… 
Pebbles: (To Erikson) Wait! You want to be a legit fighter pilot? 
Erikson: (Indistinguishable explanation)
Pebbles: OH! OH! (Laughing) I thought you wanted to be— I thought you aspiring to be a plane. Like not the pilot, but the legit plane!
Erikson: NO! (Chuckles)
Raphael: (Laughing) F-22!


Pebbles: Okay, so in the fields you want to work in, do you a place for women in that? 
Raphael: Oh, hell ye! [The arts] is an industry run by women! 
Erikson: What do you mean? All the males are stupid… Its kinda— 
Raphael: No! Most of the STEM fields are usually male dominated. Its ridiculous. 
Erikson: No, but its mostly, like, computers… 
Raphael: Yeah, still mostly male-dominated. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs…
Pebbles: But, Erikson, Do you think that women belong on those fields or they can achieve greatness there? 
Erikson: Yea! 


Pebbles: Why?
Erikson: Because they’re people. 
Pebbles: Okay… That’s a pretty valid answer. 
Raphael: (Laughs) Valid. Valid. 


Pebbles: So, who is your hero? Who do you look up to…?


Today’s art is kind of different! Because both my brothers are artists, I decided I’d give you all a taste of their artistic flavors!
If you want to see more, these links will take you to Erikson’s work and this to Raphael’s socials. 

My final post for the semester will be the second half of this interview! I wish you all the best for all your finals! 


Artwork by 3/5 Calungsod Kiddos:
Pebbles, Raphael, Erikson


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