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Hey guys! It’s your friendly neighborhood tech blogger here to talk about, DUN DUN DUN midterms – gasp – I know right, the forbidden term we all despise. Now now I’m not here to scare anybody but quite the opposite, I’m here to give you tips on how to survive the scary month. For starters, the basic and more important portion to anything, including midterms is health, take a walk, hike, sit and watch the sunset, or even watch the sunrise if you’re a morning person, my preference as you all know is nature, anything surrounded in nature is my distress factor. On the topic of health, a main factor that keeps us all sane in this time of year, sleep! Ladies and gentlemen I can’t stress this enough, without sleep you CANNOT function  for an exam! You’re deprive your body and your mind of energy, without sleep our bodies can’t reboot and gain the necessary energy for the day, the average amount of sleep necessary is 7-8 but given that it is midterms week, 6-7 is fine, any lower than that is no Bueno my friend.

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A word for the wise, in any class no matter what always have a copy of your work and store it, take it from a COMD major gal, flash drives are everything!!!!! Whether it’s for typography or labs for physics, always keep copies incase you lose the original, or even scan it and save the documents in your flash drives, you don’t even need to buy anything pricey a simple 16GB is really cheap and good to store small things.

Created by: Gennessy Palma

Now an obvious tip, STUDY! We all become so overwhelmed with planning and creating study guides that we forget to read and let everything since in, read over your notes! A+’s do not come in easy you know, for the first year students, I recommend you ask your professors for some help and asking them how it’s like, perhaps they can help you build a guide to help prepare you for the upcoming exams, remember DO NOT be afraid to ask for help, this isn’t high school, the professors will not come to you and remind you of everything, come to them after or before class, if you’re both available, use the office hours, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Reach out, don’t be silent, because in the end of the day, YOU are responsible for yourself, this is the adult life, but you don’t have to go at it alone, build study groups if you can! Use the recourses available in the school, the library, the computer labs, there’s one in vorhees in the second floor and on in the sixth floor in the main building, don’t lounge around, sit up and do what you can, be strong, get rest, be calm! Deep breathes guys, we’ll make it but you just need to put the effort in!


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  1. All are very key points! It’s extremely important to get away from your stress; even if it’s just for a few moments.

    I will try to get some real sleep this time around but I won’t make any promises….

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