Humans Of City Tech

Who would have thought a girl from Brooklyn, NY will grow to be a woman who is on her way to become a hospital CEO at twenty-three years old. Being successful in this world has always been imprinted in my head by my parents. If it was one thing I learned from my parents I would have to say it was never give up on what you believe is yours, learn from failures, use it and build it to what you want to achieve in life. With my family’s support and encouragement of never giving up I managed to transfer colleges and receive two degrees from New York City College of Technology. My Bachelors in Health Service Administration will be completed this fall 2016 term. During my two years at City Tech I was able to be a part of a wonderful team called Student Government Association, the Ohana Slate. I joined because as a student first I always enjoy great leadership and being a voice for my colleagues for any thought, issues, or feelings they may experience. It feels great to give students the opportunity to approach me and ask me questions where I can help direct them to what they would need to do. The most interesting part of being the voice for City Tech students I would have to say is hosting events or students to become a unity and giving them the opportunity to learn from each other and also hearing opinions or ideas they may have to help us as their student body. Being in SGA has helped me in many ways, dealing with now 18 members with 18 different personalities helps me grow even more as a person in my professional field of working. We really are a family and we encourage each other to do things we never thought we could do. The last thing I will say is that I am ready for my future and gods plan because I see great things coming my way in healthcare.”

a smiling woman in jeans and a white T-shirtAshley Frazier

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