Humans Of City Tech

“Growing up I always wanted to be a Veterinarian. I have a huge love for animals and ever since I was little I always wanted to help them and learn more about them. When I first started college I majored in Veterinarian Technician. After going to school for a few semesters for that, I realized that I disliked it. I felt crushed, not knowing what to do (since that was my dream). So I ended up changing my major, again and again.  I finally went with Communication Design focusing on Graphic Design. I always liked design and art, so I said why not. Now, I love it! I enjoy designing so much and I am glad I chose this major. Even though I major in Graphic Design and will get my degree in this major, I still try to help animals as much as possible by volunteering at my local shelter. Moral of the story is, sometimes we think we know what we want to do, but life has a way of showing us the right path. You should never stop until you’re satisfied and of course, happy!”
a young woman with dark hair in a teal T-shirtMariaelena Pulgarin

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