Broadway Market Co.

The Broadway Market is this really cool marketplace in SoHo that sells just about everything. This is a haven for independent artists and designers to come a sell their creations to the public. It’s huge and filled with weird items and even weirder people, and I love it. Unfortunately, a lot of it’s vendors don’t allow customers to take photos-that just goes to show how weird these items can be, and hopefully adds to the mystique of this place. It’s kind of hidden in plane sight, until you see this weird mime guy in the window trying to lure you in. It works, because I went in. Aside from all the weirdness that takes place at this building, there a lot of cool looking clothes and trinkets to buy, all ranging from relatively expensive to pretty expensive. For clothes, it’s basically a hipster’s dream mall. And as for the trinkets, it’s the perfect spot to pick up a quirky or cool gift for a friend or loved one. The artists, creators and designers are constantly changing, so one week might be weirder than the next, or one week can seem just as normal as any other mall. I’ll show you some of what I managed to captured on camera, but here’s their instagram to get a better look at the marketplace. It’s definitely a place worth stopping by if you’re ever in SoHo.


a tiny camera hanging by wire

A tiny camera I saw at the marketplace. It was smaller than my thumb.

vintage cameras

Part of a wall filled with old vintage film cameras.

a wall display of sunglasses

A few of the hundreds of cool hipster/steampunk sunglasses to choose from.

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