Herbs Galore!

Good Afternoon, CIty Tech! Gen here, and today will be the last of our tea adventures, so today we’ll end it with my favorite tea of all: Herbal tea! I have so many favorites such as peppermint tea, chamomile tea, Eucalyptus, so on and so forth.Growing up, I always had a passion for herbs and what they could provide us. I was always a flower child, loving nature and appreciating her for what she is, even when she’s at her worst. Whenever I was sick I always found comfort in herbal teas, no matter what they had always made me feel better, my first herbal tea was introduced to me around age 3.

My memory extends till age 2 which is why I can tell this story, I was sick this one time on a winter’s day like today, being hispanic, I was growing up in an environment where tea and of course, menthol/vaperu was the instant remedy. Upon my first experience with tea being chamomille, I remember it being hot, so my mother blew on the tea and fed me it by spoon instead of sips, she wanted to make sure I didn’t burn my tiny baby mouth. It was lightly sweetened with honey, and at that point of the tea reaching my taste buds was when I knew, that tea was my instant passion, something I wanted to keep in my life. Since that very day, as I grew older I’d use my free time to search on about teas and their benefits, what I can drink when I’m feeling this or that and with this knowledge I also help my friends and family whom also wish to use nature’s benefits instead of medicinal usage, but keep in mind that though teas are very good for you, it can never replace the supplements needed if your in poor health, if you have something serious always consult to your doctor. Due to my passion and love for herbal tea, instead of just listing a few facts about herbal teas I’m going to list many with the credit of The Hearty Soul for providing a list of teas and their benefits, I hope you all enjoyed my Tea series, and I hope this encouraged you all to drink tea on a daily, and if not, then to at least try it. If you’re worried about expenses, rest assured: These can be found in day-to-day food stores, and they’re cheap, believe me.

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