Finals Are Upon Us

Can you believe it? The school term is almost over! BUT before we can celebrate summer, we first have to prepare for finals.

Finals can be very hard. From the stress, to the studying, and the worrying, your body and mind sure takes a toll.
That’s why I’ve come up with a list you guys can follow to ease the stress, and focus on success.

Create a study guide

Outlining the important information you need to learn can be helpful, since you can refer to them during your


There are exams that will be more difficult than others, some you may find easier to study for. Make sure to evaluate all of your exams to consider and determine all of the involved factors, so you can study


Keep your stress levels low. Worrying about your finals is fine, but don’t let stress and anxiety take over. Complete all your work, and try and finish it early. The better you distribute your tasks during the weeks
before final exams, the better you will understand the material.

Take Breaks

Before hitting your breaking point, take a break. After a while of non stop studying, you begin to lose focus and the quality of your studying begins to falter. Give yourself a few minutes to stand up, stretch, go for a walk, and
heck your phone. Everyone needs a moment to catch themselves and gather their thoughts.

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