An eye for an eye..

a card that says "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

“It’s a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. I’ve learned about him in high school and ever since I’ve been fond of him; his humbleness and courageous soul. This particular quote sticks with me because it’s about things you see everyday. If someone mistreats you, most people will try to do the same in return. But why? What good comes out from it? It don’t make you feel better.”

K. F.

2 thoughts on “An eye for an eye..

  1. It’s true we see such unkindness from people around us every day both intentional and not. I’ve always wondered what would happen if people committed themselves to doing one kind act for another person a day. If we put more kindness more positivity out in the world maybe the world wouldn’t have to worry about being “blind”.

  2. Thanks for sharing that quote Mandy; it is really thought provoking. Although I understand and fully appreciate K.F.’s viewpoint, “an eye for an eye”, or the law of retaliation, is a really complex subject on so many levels. Idealistically, as Samanthas states, it would be good if people were more kind, but what do you do in cases of bad behavior which should not be rewarded?

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