A Profile of ‘Amanda’


Hey City Tech, my name is Amanda and I am here to inform you all on things to do across the city at a low cost and even for free! Often times I catch people saying “I’m tired of the city. There’s nothing to do but to go to the park, movies and bowling,” but there is so much more to the city than just that! In my blog I am also going to be  incorporating events/workshops for students to attend at City Tech that you may not be aware of.  As a student majoring in Law and Paralegal Studies  I am aware of how easy it is for college students to get lost in their studies. I myself fell in this category my first two years of college. I found myself having the same routine and also being ‘stagnant’ in my college career. Ever since I got involved in school activities along with going out, exploring and taking time to do something outside of my major I noticed that not only my experiences have increased but most importantly my network has expanded. There’s more to college than just a degree and even a 4.0 GPA! Go out and explore things across the city and even within City Tech.   

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