NYC Landmarks

It’s always an accomplishment for tourists when they visit NYC’s landmarks. You can easily spot a tourist by the way he or she is dressed to having a camera, and most definitely an NYC guide map in their hands.

Did you know there’s over one hundred landmarks in NYC? Yup, you heard right. That’s why when people tell me there’s nothing to do in NYC, I look at them like if they’re crazy. There’s always something to do here. From inexpensive to free activities.

I’m sure I meet the requirements of being a tourist(lol). At least that’s what my friends told me. They see that I always carry my camera with me or I may use my phone as a replacement. I think what really annoys them is that I suddenly stop at the most random places to take a picture.

a fountain with a statue of an angel a statue in front of a Gothic building tall city buildings a city skyline from a rooftop a large bridge The 9/11 memorial fountain pit the flatiron building the interior of Grand Central Station

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