Community service

(1) Service Learning Project:

  • Our group consist of 6 Dental Hygiene students went to Madison square boys and girls club to present a lecture on caries prevention and promotion of general oral hygiene. We presented in front of 25 children age group between 11-13 years old. We created a power point, mostly with pictures (link included). We demonstrated flossing technique with scarf analogy (refer to the pictures below). We also introduced to the children with Fones circular motion brushing technique, demonstrated by using on the typodont.

Caries Prevention presentation SLP


Demonstration of Fones brushing technique on typodonts.


Demonstration of flossing technique using scarf analogy.


Demonstration of flossing technique using a scarf analogy.

(2) Fluoride Varnish Program:

  • Our class went to the Family Headstart Pre-K school in 293 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn for the fluoride varnish program. We used Type IV ADA Guidelines for screening and assessment. Type IV is the least expensive and used mostly in a community based centers. It included screening with the use of tongue depressor and illumination light. We made a note of the oral condition of individual child and let the parent know about the urgency of their child’s dental visit. We applied fluoride varnish on children who had consent from their parents.

Dental Hygiene student team from the school.


Applying fluoride varnish.


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