My name is Tenzin Dhasal, I was born in such a privileged century that I am always thankful to God for his deliverance.Unlike others, I always lived in my own utopian world in which everything looks so perfect and easy to tackle things without any feeling of detestation. People say I am very easy going  because I take things in a positive way and believe in a down to earth attitude. Time passed by and I still find my self in that same happy world. One day I questioned myself, Tenzin why are you always so happy? And then my inner voice told me that my optimism level is so profound that I perceive all the objects in this world in a optimistic way. That thought made me call myself a positive attitude person.

I am a Buddhist by religion. One of the main teachings of my religion is to be a compassionate individual. I strongly believe in it and very thankful for such a virtuous view point. It truly¬†helps your state of mind when you show love to others and see them¬†smiling. It feels great when you become the reason for someone else ľs¬†happiness. Call it a co-incidence or not, through my profession as a Dental Hygienist, I am literally making people¬†smile with full confident. Happiness thereafter follows automatically, simultaneously :)… that is the greatest thing about my career. I have seen millions of smily faces around me since I was born and I have millions of smily faces to see in the future as well. God bless all the Dental Hygienists in the world.


Smily face


Smily face


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