Case study

Case study 1

Demographs: E.D., 49 years old, M/II

Patient health and vital sign, ASA:

Patient vitals were BP: 105/78. P: 84.


Med Hx: WNL.


There was an osteoma on the buccal of tooth # 4 (good learning experience, I was able to detect it clinically).

Patient had abfraction on tooth #3, 5, 12, and 13. There were few composite restorations on the maxillary anterior and posterior teeth and one amalgam restoration on the mandibular posterior tooth. I have put sealant on tooth # 18 and 31.


Patient had Generalized moderate posterior lingual marginal gingiva inflammation. There was minimal bleeding upon probing. Patient had generalized type II perio case with 4-5mm pocket depth, localized type III perio with 6mm.

Patient was appropriate for the Arestin treatment. Arestin was placed on eight sites on this patient. Following were the sites, before placement, and after placement results:

Site             Before          After

2 DB             5mm               4mm

2 DL             5mm               5mm

3 MB           6mm               3mm

18 DB         5mm               4mm

18 ML         5mm               3mm

19 DB         6mm               4mm

19 ML         5mm               4mm

31 DL           5mm               4mm

The result shown that there were seven successful sites and one unsuccessful site.


Patient had type II bone loss i.e, 10% bone loss. Radiographs supported clinical findings thoroughly.


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