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Perspective (noun)

definition: the technique or process of representing on a plane or curved surface the spatial relation of objects as they might appear to the eye; specifically :  representation in a drawing or painting of parallel lines as converging in order to give the illusion of depth and distance


encounter: I’ve been reading this book called spoiler alert: “John Dies at the End” by David Wong. I wont’ go too much into detail in case anyone else wants to read it ,but the main character and his friend John end up taking a drug called “soy sauce” and it lets them see and do things no normal human being  should be able to. Their whole view or perspective on life mainly theirs takes a huge shift.

I’m sure we’ve all heard, read and seen this word before and have a pretty good idea of what it means without looking it up in the dictionary. As an artist perspective is very important not only yours but other peoples perspective of your work.