Chapter 5 Response

Mcguire’s 10 metacognitive learning strategies are very resourceful and helpful for students to study. The two that I currently use include taking notes by hand in class, as well as doing homework without using solved examples as a guide. I feel that this is effective because students need to learn how to understand material without guidance of previous work they have done. If they use a guide that has problems that have already been solved, then they are just simply copying and not retaining any knowledge. Notes in class help too because when a student physically has to write notes, they learn more rather then giving them printed notes that they might never read. These strategies I use are both a study skill and a metacognitive skill because they enforce the student to learn as well as help obtain the knowledge they need in the course. To increase retention by 5-10% we can use at least five of these strategies. This way ┬áis one strategy is not effective then we have four other ones to use and see if it aids a student more.

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