Chapter 3


  1. Are your students at the associates or baccalaureate level?

My students are at the BTech level.

  1. Do you use different teaching strategies for associate level students than for baccalaureate level students? Why or why not?

I only teach at the BTech.

  1. What is metacognition and what concept from the chapter resonates with you and why? (identify the page number)

Metacognition is being aware and understanding one’s thought process. I enjoyed the author bringing up metacognition and how it is a key ingredient in students’ success. In page 16-17 it introduced what metacognition is and how it is beneficial for students. I like this because it is important that students are aware of what they are learning and thinking since most of the time it is really easy for them to get distracted and not follow the material that they are taught.

  1. What are other factors that might influence student learning?

I feel that self motivation is a key factor that influences student learning as well. This is all due to the fact that without motivation and the will to do well in a course, a student will not successfully grasp the material taught and do well in not only the class itself, but real world problems that apply later in the future. Students need to come into class with a clear mind and motivation set with them to want to understand what they are being taught.

  1. How can metacognition help us towards our goal of increasing retention 5-10% starting in the fall?

I feel that metacognition can help our students be more focused on their courses and what are asked of them. This could help them be less distracted when they are doing homework, completing a project, and most importantly taking a test.

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