Visual quote

Base on the quote above I have made poster to identify the image in my understanding. How I reflect after seeing this quote is feeling unique. He did not want to be a part of something just to be a member, not a member means he wants people to notice him.

The first typography poster for the visual quote

This first one is a typography poster I made to express what I fell like the quote is trying to say/ show the audience.


He is prohibiting the invitation of people that are inviting him to something just to be a Regular member of a organization. and I also make the “Don’t ” in the first line look different then all the other writings. I made it like a ban of something, more specifically being something that won’t stand out. The color of black and white is the only color I felt that is serious enough for something that is suitable for a quote like this. I chose to use moonhouse Regular as the font.

The second Visual quote poster

The second visual quote poster I made I was trying to make a image that shows how someone that is trying to break out of the mold. Being identical like everyone else can be a painful thing to a certain kind of people. I for example have the same feeling regarding to this quote.bubble

These are a bubble of words in a sentence. We can look at it in a metaphorically perspective, each and every one of these words are a member of the club in this bubble but only “Member” stood out because he doesn’t accept the fact that he has to be with every one of other words. “Member” is trying escape the fact that he is being categorized in the bubble and he is doing his best to get out of the bubble.

The Third Visual quote Poster

This is a photographed based poster. The meaning behind this is he is kind of crazy, When people does something that is not “normal” to other people they will be seen differently. This is one of the example to show he is different.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.49.37 PM

This is a photo a an astronaut walking on the street with fire all over his space suit. He is so come and the action is not normal, but a kind of message I’m trying to show my audience is he is different from everyone. He is so much different from everybody you will not consider him as just a “member” in a group. A simple line of text is to make it look very chill and normal reader to see this as a perfectly normal scene in a everyday life.

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