About Me

“Don’t Fear the Sun, Don’t fear the heat”

My name is sunny, I am a very outgoing guy, One goal for me to make as much useful friend as possible while I’m in this college. I have been in the U.S for about 9 years now, I am studying for a brighter future. My interest is wants to travel if I have enough money.

I live in queens, New York graduated from a very bad school. But that did not stop me from achieving my goal as a educated individual. So I want to prove to the world that I can be useful even if I came from the “lowest ranking” family.

My major is graphic design(for now) but later on I wish i can change it to those 3D animation or Special affects those kind of things, I Am never very good at math. I have learn some new things in this college and I defiantly improve a lot since I first got here. But if Math is something I’m not very good at, however, I will do my best to over come it : )