Life in a day

Hello, its me Sunny. nothing too special about me as of now and this is just another day for me. But I decided to record it down. here are some thinking and drawing before I took those videos.

The Main word for this project is “School day

This is just a mind map about what I was thinking before I took those videos.IMG_2613



This is a rough sketch of my storyboard or planing what to do. IMG_2610 IMG_2612



I was just thinking what is going on in a day of my life. Usually it starts with my phone alarm ringing and then I will watch a little bit of tv before leaving the house. I will just go on train and then spend half of the day in my college, talk to all my friends for a little bit and that is about it. take the same train back home. I will buy something before I get back from time to time it might be food it might be groceries. and then by the last scene just push open the door thats about it.

Hope you enjoy.