“Team” Work

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Every semester, a professor will assign a group project because they feel it will help better prepare students for the real world where they will be forced to work with others on projects within any company they may go on to land a job at. However, the majority of my time at Sacatelle consisted of me being assigned a project, doing research and coming up with designs that not only would work within a client’s branding but also within their budgetary needs. In the few short weeks I had left at my internship, I finally had the opportunity to collaborate with another intern on a client project. I was excited to finally be working with someone else in a collaborative effort, however, that only happened to be my initial feelings on the matter.

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Monotype | Color is Relative: Designing for Accessibility

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Most people are fortunate enough to not have been born or developed any type of impairments that may cause them to adjust the way they go about their daily lives. Thus, when designing something for others, it’s easy to only see things from only your own perspective and completely forgetting that not everyone can see or do things as “normally” as you might.

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Field Trip: Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt is a museum in which I first had the pleasure of visiting for my Design Principles class at City Tech two years ago. Prior to that first visit, I had initially passed by the design museum while walking along Central Park’s outer perimeter and promised myself that I would design this new museum one day.  However, personally, I love any excuse to have to go to a museum.

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App Review: Evernote

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No matter where I am, an idea for something will pop into my head that I won’t want to forget. It’s impossible to always make sure that you have a pen/pencil and paper available at any given moment. Thus, I rely on my phone quite a lot for making notes about things. Although my Galaxy phone already comes with a pre-installed Memo app, I’m always interested in trying apps that may potentially be better than a phone’s standard apps. Continue reading App Review: Evernote

Working Remotely

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The different days that we get to have off during any school semester is always interesting to me. Being at CityTech, it’s the only time in my life I’ve ever had time off because of Jewish holidays. (I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school just about my whole life). Recently, there were at least two weeks that coincided with Jewish holidays. Two of those days, school was not in session while the following week’s additional days of the holiday did not result in school being closed. Although this may seem like a random thing to point out, unbeknownst, a good majority of people who work within the Sacatelle company happen to be of the Jewish faith. Continue reading Working Remotely

Networking: Creative Mornings

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Initially, I had heard about Creative Mornings thanks to a class assignment last semester. It is a lecture series that has hundreds of chapters around the world and each meeting event, which typically takes place at least once a month in each country and/or city has a guest speaker and musical guest, who starts the even off. Each group of events that take place every month have different themes. In addition, each guest speaker for any event is never from one specific background. Guest speakers can have backgrounds in photography, animation, business, activism, communications, and much more! So there is always a chance for people from all walks of life to go and get inspired-or even informed about something they may have not known about otherwise.

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