14.1 Connecting Lo and Behold (film) to your Essay 2

For Tuesday, write about a scene from Herzog’s Lo and Behold that connects to your Essay 2 topic.  Describe the scene in detail and explain thoroughly how it relates to what you’ve been researching.

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  1. One scene from ‘Lo and Behold’ by Werner Herzog is when the camera operator interviews a family about their dead daughter’s photos posted online. When the family described the horrific and gruesome scene of the girls death, it was just morbid to even think that the first thing people would do, is snapping a picture when they see a dead person. Anyways, this scene is related to my essay because it both involves privacy online. As said in the documentary by one of the deceased girl’s family, a persons privacy cease to exist once they die, which made me wonder if its legal to post someone’s nudes after they die as long as their over 18? My article is about people of all ages, trying to prevent their private information from being public but apparently when you die, you have no privacy.

  2. The scene which stood out to me the most in the movie, Herzog’s Lo and Behold was the scene in which there was a family who had lost a daughter due to a fatal accident, this scene connects with my research topic because, in the scene, they spoke of how persons were emailing her father, telling him they hated their family and their daughter, also sending photographs of the daughter’s decapitated body at the scene of the accident, which in my point of view was a form on cyberbullying.

  3. A scene that stood out to me in Herzog’s lo and behold was a scene where a few people live to get away from internet or anything that deals with a ton of radiation, in that scene two people mentioned being completely addicted to the online gmainf that they couldn’t go back to there normal life routine ex; attending school, working, relationships, family. I did not know that people can go over board like this and stop attending school just to play a game. my topic was about sexting which I didn’t hear at all in the film.

  4. In Part VI. “Earthly Invaders”, Kevin Mitnick, considered as a demi god in the hacker community talks about the revelation of Snowden with the NSA ability to track us and control us. He also explains how he uses metadata to steal information from the FBI. In the same scene, Shawn Carpenter, a security analyst gives details on how cyberattacks can cause chaos by comprising different things. It can be the stock market, people records, national security. In addition as a security analyst he talks about the many ways he used to use to gather people’s information. I find this part of the documentary related to my research article because it talks about surveillance, and stealing information.

  5. The set of scenes that stood out to me were those in which a women was explaing how just a random solar flare that can not be predicted can just simply ruin the whole embodiment of Internet. The way she explained the situation if that happens had me thinking of the Yellowstone Volcano and the EMP being made by North Korea etc. This kind of stuff really shake me that how there is a chance at every moment that something really tragic can happen and we don’t have any assurance on if we even get to take our next breathe. Having all that, we are worried about if we didn’t get internet for a day or so. Taking under consideration that there is a huge amount of people that depend on the internet and are miserable without it. There are also people who don’t have much to do with it.
    Yesterday, I changed my phone and didn’t had internet service or phone for a day and a half. By the end of the day I realised that it’s not much important actually. I even had a crazy thought of practicing for not having my phone 1 day every week. Almost everbody is clear of how it can be a distraction and waste of time. Some people just don’t want to accept it and have made internet a necessity for themselves (leaving aside those whose lives are dependent on it, or it’s part of their job).
    Another interview that I liked and chose to write about because it connects with my research is that hacker who explained how he hacked people and even hacked FBI for the purpose to finds pleasure and a sense of achievement. My point here is that internet providers like google, yahoo and other tech giants also hack us for worse purposes; to make money they sell that search for basketball team shirt you did 5 times and give it to the organization who pays them and now they will reach out to you in your social media feed or as I noticed in google ads.

  6. The scene in the movie talks about a family and their dead daughter’s photos posted online. It was sad to hear about what happen to the daughter and no family need a tragic loss. The daughter took the dads car and later was found died because of an car accident. There was crowd of people who were witnessing the fire department pull the car out the water. My essay is about online mourning and how private issues are posted online. People shouldn’t post about a family losing a love online for everyone to know. It isn’t fair to the family who are trying to grieve and they find out that their family matter is public.

  7. The movie and my topic don’t really share a connection. But on that note this is very alarming how virtual reality can consume somebody personal life, taking away from what’s going on actually. After watching the movie the scene that kind of made me pause was the family who let their daughter starve to death to take care of a virtual baby in a game. I was lost for words that kind of focus that can make you forget about “real life” is scary.

  8. Scene: a family of five consisted of three daughters a mother and a father. All dressed in black stood in a kitchen. The father and the mother being interviewed about the tragic death of one of their daughters, and the internet’s role during the time of the death. So, it was said that the daughter died from a car accident which caused her head to decapitate. a photo was taken of the decapitated head and it went viral. the family also stated how they received a video from an anonymous individual showing a dead girl walking saying “am alive.”
    •••This scene caught my attention because it shows another side to the idea of “online grieving.” throughout my research it is seen how certain social media sites allow the bereaved and friends to grief freely and where the bereaved receive beautiful comments that console them. This scene shows a side where the deceased info is everywhere rather than in one place and since everyone don’t know the deceased the comments tend to be hateful and insulting.

  9. The scene from the movie Lo’ when the family is talking about their daughter that pass away. that scene was skeptical to me but I understand it and sense their pain. That scene had some connections to my article are cyber bullying because they mention how after their daughter pass that people started sharing her dead photos over the internet which is so shameful. My article talks about how Social media can affect people in a bad way and this article prove that it can.

  10. The Scene where the family did somewhat of an interview about their lost loved one and it related to my essay because it shows you that we never appreciate something until it is gone. The people who got scammed in my essay, the money that they sent at first didn’t hurt them until they found out it was a scam. That’s when it hurt. And in the scene everyone was sad because they lost a loved one but in my opinion I think that they were non nonchalant to her when she was alive because she was troubled.

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