16.1 Reflection

For Tuesday, please read the final text in the Unit 2 packet: Gloria Naylor’s “A Word’s Meaning Can Often Depend on Who Says It.”

On the blog, please post a reflection on this semester.  Thinking back over the past several months of this course, what moments stand out to you and why?  Were there particular assignments were you most engaged by?  Were there particular moments in the course where you found yourself frustrated?  Have you noticed any changes in the way you write, read, or think?  This is open-ended, but do please explain your responses!

13 thoughts on “16.1 Reflection”

  1. Favorite moment was when we were watching the film ‘Her’ because prof wasnt in the room and I could play on my phone, none of the assignments really interested me so I guess the least effort assignment. Most frustrated moment was when I looked at the exam and realized I didn’t understand what any of it was saying but thanks prof for giving hints. And I dont think Ive changed the way I write things but I learned a lot of knowledge and prof is chill
    10/10 would drop out of class and apply again

  2. I would say the session of this course that I favored the most would probably be the first one. My reasoning behind this is that at the time I was ignorant to the type of assignments we would be receiving. In many cases students would look forward to a course with writing assignments that consisted of less structure and more options, but I quickly realized that this style of teaching is not for me. As counterintuitive as it may sound, I found that I would have preferred to have a more traditional class. For instance having physical assignments as opposed to blog posts or having the professor grade my test instead of my classmates. However, besides the fact that a lot of the assignments assumed everybody in this generation is addicted to their phones, this was the extent of my frustrations with being in this class. I particularly like blog post 2.1 writing as recording and I would have liked the class to continue to allow those who felt as if they’re not a part of this generation’s social media addiction, in particular, to play the role of an observer of these phone habits as opposed to having to put themselves in the shoes of those who display this behavior. All in all I enjoyed having you as a professor because I did pick up most of the grammar work, just didn’t really look forward to showing up to the class.

  3. Looking back, there were certain times where I felt frustrated and not wanting to come to class specially on Tuesdays because it was my last class on the longest days. Other than that school in evening is just not my thing or as my tutor used to say that my mind stops working when its sports time. But I made it through without any absences. Glad I did. Starting in the course I used to think that having a uniquely different thought about everything is just not possible; my thinking was more like binary, either it’s good or bad, yes or no. Now however, because of Professor Street’s requiring reasoning for our standing for each of our responses, I think of social issues as more complex and not just states of mind (Not relative). Anyways, something else that stood out to me was both of the film’s that we saw in class happened to feature people I liked i.e. Portia Doubleday the woman who acted as the physical body of ADA (or whatever her/it’s name was) and Elon Musk who I consider one of my idols. What else stood out to me was as I discussed about the assignment, suddenly I had bunch of things to write about and the topic just kept getting exciting and the next moment it’s time to submit it. It’s that even the topics weren’t that exciting but the articles relative to it and the discussions about it just grabs your attention into it (or at least that’s how I interpret it) making it irresistible. I got really engaged into conversations and discussions as we reached towards the end. I really found myself struggling with a couple of blog posts where we had to talk about conversations because most of the conversation I have are not in English. That’s one of the things I tried hard enough but didn’t get results. Also in choosing my topics where you have infinite choice (reminds me of the theory: Paradox of Choice i.e. the more choices you have, harder it is for you to choose and higher your expectation from your choice) But that went well too. Changes in writing? Yes, I found that everything doesn’t have to be “either or”, where you choose one side and try to prove it right. Instead, I practiced writing in a way expressing your own specific thought about the topic. Thinking goes in that too. Tbh, I used to think Feminism is a crazy thing where feminists try to prove that women are the one who should be given more power and every time I hear the term I used to think of women in a violent state trying to prove men as evil, cruel and disgusting. I remember Professor Street saying there are sides to Feminism and some interpretations can be wrong. I guess I only knew the worst side of it. I hope that’s enough for an open ended response. I award myself an A+ for learning my max and trying hard. “Knowledge enlivens the soul. The learned lives, although he dies. The sum total of excellence is knowledge”—–Hazrat Ali R.A.
    Farewell to Blog Posts.

  4. Ok so I really only had the privilege of witnessing Sean’s presentation and I don’t want to be mean but I do have some demands and criticisms. I liked it but no offense, it was kind of boring. It needs more personal qualities, like stories of scams his friends have suffered. And while it focused on how people use internet romance to scam people out of money, it needs other examples. Because some people use internet romance scams to get Green Cards or marry into American citizenship, they also use them to cheat on their spouses. I mean it’s a good essay but I kind of felt it lacked flavor.

  5. The essays were interesting in terms of something I can relate to and have fun doing. I’ve had a few people tell me how nice it would be to write a narrative since its all research in their own classes. It was a first putting myself out there within my writing and a first I’ve actually found it funny and interesting using myself as material. I do find myself often trying to read in between the lines when it comes to articles and what not but still not as often as I should. Although this class has given me a new light on writing, I can still see myself being lazy for years to come but still clutching whenever necessary.

  6. This class was very interesting. I definitely enjoyed this class some, days was dreadful it just dragged. I like the topic of the class with the difference of yourself through the internet and off the internet. My writing is a little better but I still have alot of slang. lol.

  7. This english class was by far one of my favorite classes. I enjoyed the conversations we all had as a whole class discussion. Most of my other classes aren’t very communicative; it’s a one way street, where the teacher teaches and us students soak up all the information as if we’re a sponge. My favorite part was watching the film HER. It was hilarious and very relatable, were just involve with technology. I’ve learned to obtain self control when it comes to my phone, I managed to stay away from my phone for more than a hour (IN CLASS , PLACING THE PHONE ON THE TABLE). I feel as if i’m more diligent when it comes to writing, I proofread and tend to ask myself ” does this make sense?” A little frustrating moments were when we had to write a blog but didn’t know what to exactly talk about. Overall, I enjoyed this class. THANK YOU MONROE!

  8. Honestly for my first English ‘Lecture’ I wouldn’t want it any other way. the size for the class is great, the people there are all smart and can argue a point, and the teacher was really good. The moments that stood out to me would have to be when we arrive we have to put the phones on the table, and the teacher would throw shade on those who didn’t. At no point in the course have I ever felt frustrated, everything was just right. Lastly, this class have me an opportunity to think and be creative and to analyze the smallest of details. It was truly a pleasure and thank you Prof. Street !!!

  9. overall I’m really glad for being given the opportunity to be in this class. It was very relaxed. I liked the fact that the teacher wasn’t extra, and expected a lot from students. Moments that stood out to me was when my classmates got really engaged with the teacher expressing their own opinions. It’s really interesting to hear many different ways of interpreting one sentence. My most frustrated assignment was the second essay (which I just finished Thank God). I’ve learned a lot about grammatically correct ways to write. So I think my writing has drastically improved.

  10. It was a really interesting class. I enjoyed the topics which was pretty much centered around technology and it really made me look at the way I should behave with the tech world. I wouldn’t say my writing got better, but I have learned at least how to conduct a research paper. I was expecting we do more grammar but I guess it’s not as interesting as writing. My favorite moments was the documentary “Lo and Behold: reveries of the connected world” , because it made it easier for me to to pick a topic for my research paper.

  11. Looking back on the past couple, I found the class more interesting than I thought it would be. I don’t really like English that much but I was engage in the course. The best part about the class was being able to write essay that reflect on your experiences. In the first essay I found it interesting that we can write about social media and interaction between people. I felt more willing to write and put a lot of effort into the essay. The most frustrating part of the class is the last essay because it requires more research in the essay. I believe the course help my writing because now I try harder to elaborate on the ideas I write. Thanks for everything professor I use what you taught me in my next English class.

  12. looking back and seeing the track of this class, I came to realize; I enjoyed my time, learning from the way professor Street taught us. although I missed a lot of blog posts. I enjoyed every single bit of work we were given. i really enjoyed working in groups. I’m not one to ask for help but that was given through the input of the professor and my fellow classmates, for better or worse it has changed me. the things I learned in this class will stay with me for the rest of my life. I finally understood proper grammar (not really) but I have a better understanding of the English language now than before I took this class. and that is the beauty of it i have learned to think, and that’s the most important thing you can ever teach someone.

  13. This past semester my favorite class was my English 1101 class, I would say that I was most focused in this class, I’m not too sure if its because I had to leave my phone on a desk for the entire class. I enjoyed everything I did in this class, most of my assignments for this class were easy, Professor explained everything in a way that I would understand, I noticed improvements in both my reading and writing skills, I’m able to use fanboys, coordinating conjunctions and subordinating clauses looking forward to taking another class with Professor Street.

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