English 1101 Fall 2017 In-Class Collective Work & Notes

Grammar Resources
Purdue OWL General Grammar ; Parts of Speech ; Fragments ; Punctuation ; Two-Part VerbsSentence Clarity
U Bristol (Punctuation, Common Confusions)
Grammar Monster (a variety of topics)

Library/Research Resources:

Wikipedia (use this first, but don’t cite it in your final paper)
Google Scholar (a better academic search engine than most library databases, but you will need to go through the library’s website to get to some of the articles you find)
Opposing Viewpoints (library database; good, readable articles written from a variety of perspectives; login required)
LexisNexis (library database; login required)
CUNY OneSearch (allows you to search all CUNY libraries & resources)
Oxford English Dictionary
(library resource; login required; great for looking up the history and etymology of words)

Writing Resources:
Forming an Argument
MLA Format / Works Cited Page Help
Formatting Quotations in MLA Style

Reading Resources
Reading Critically (see esp. p. 2, Nonfiction)
Annotating a Text

Paraphrasing & Quoting Activity