Journal Entry Week 1: A Search for an Internship Opportunity

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Being in an internship is a very rewarding experience. Not only you will be able to develop an idea on how working at a company works but you will also learn and improve your skills during your internship. However, trying to obtain such an experience would require to do a lot of searching. Within my first week, I was making sure that both my portfolio website and resume were up to par in order to be able to initiate any interview with the supervisor(s) of the internship.

Before one goes to search for an internship, one must prepare their resume as well as the portfolio website that contains any of your past works. When developing a website, you have to keep in mind that employers will love to see you learn a diverse set of skills, that way the employers will have a better idea on what you are capable of. It is also important that your resume showcases the skills that you have developed. If you lack work experience, do not worry, you can list whatever related coursework you have done to show that you have an understanding on the occupation you apply for.

Image from ClipArt Library

From my personal experience, my portfolio website was currently in development and I did not have a lot of work to show, so I was looking for some of the work I did in class. Fortunately for me, I was able to gather some graphic design work to upload and present in my portfolio website. I also added some personal projects of the illustrations I have created in my free time for a good measure. As for the resume, I did not have any kind of work experience whatsoever, so I have to resort into using whatever courses I have taken that fits a spot in the creative internship best. I did ask some faculty for guidance on helping me build my resume as well as help me search for an internship to kickstart on getting a learning experience of working for a company.

Soon enough, I managed to get a hold on an interview to work as an intern at the non-profit organization known as Unity for Equality. The video interview went smoothly as the chairman was very welcoming as well as helpful on how the organization works. Just like that, I got a spot as a Design Associate intern for that organization. One tip I would provide when being in the interview is to not be nervous and just relax, because most, if not, all employers are eager to learn a lot about you and what you could provide for their company. Additionally, the added confidence will give the employers a guarantee on hiring you for a position in their company. With that said, I am looking forward to gain some work experience as a graphic design intern.

Shivonne Khan Biography

My name is Shivonne Khan, and my major for City Tech is Communication Design. I decided to go for the Communication Design major, because they provided courses that will benefit me to become an animator. In my free time, I will always draw a few pages of some of my comic books I have been working on, play a few video games, draw other random pictures and listening to music (mainly pop, R&B and alternative tracks). After graduating from college, I want to do plenty of freelance graphic design jobs so I can build the funds to start my first animated TV Series. What inspired me to start my own animation is that I watch plenty of the anime that has excellent art styles, characters and storyline so I wanted to create one in the future so everyone will have an anime series to remember about.

I mainly draw anime characters and realistic portraits but I am capable of creating other art pieces like landscapes, paintings etc. Being an animator seems challenging but I think it will be an awarding experience to me, because I will actually get to see my story be alive and animated with the help of many other people I will collaborate in the future.

Shivonne Khan Life in the Day Video

Here is my Life in the day video.

When I first created this video, I was bit nervous because I am not much of a camera person. However, I did have a lot of fun doing it, because I can get to show what I do during my free time and other stuff. For the video I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to do a lot of editing, because. oh man, there were some parts that needed to be scrapped. For instance, like unexpected pop-ups.

For the parts that contained me, it took me so many attempts for me to get the intro to its best poise. The part with the tablet was kind of a hassle too, because it took me much more attempts to say the correct model name for my tablet I use for all of my current digital artworks. Overall, making this video is an exhilarating experience, despite the hindrances that might have ticked me off a little i.e. Being nervous on camera. I hope you enjoy the video.

My Visually Enhanced Quotes

For my visual enhanced quote pieces, I have created digital art using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (mostly Photoshop). I have depicted my characters creating art using various mediums such as paints, air paints and pencils. The backgrounds in the visually enhanced quotes are very vivid and colorful in nature to complement the overall meaning of my quote “Let your creativity and imagination bleed through your canvas as you make a vivid artpiece!” The first visually enhanced quote has a lady creating a colorful portrait of a blue-skinned lady depicting how unlimited her imagination can be. The second one shows a man spraying spray paint on the walls to create a lily, a winter landscape, etc. to show that paper is not the only surface you can create your creative works. Lastly, the third visual quote has another female character drawing on her sketchpad. Although it is not shown due to how her sketchbook is positioned, we can assume she’s creating quite a masterpiece because the colorful stars background depicts her imaginative ideas as she lets them place on her book.  The font I used on all of them is Helvetica; the font is utilized to add a bit more of a clean and simple aesthetic to go well with the otherwise vivid digital art pieces created by me. These quotes gives all of us a message that you should let your mind and heart guide you to make pieces that are creative and elaborate in detail as your imagination is very unlimited.