Hello! Before I started out this journey as a dental hygienist, I attended Baruch College with a Digital Marketing degree. Although corporate life seems convincing and safe, I wanted to do something more hands-on, something that I know will make an impact on someone’s life. So I was exploring different options for me, and I was interested in the healthcare field but I didn’t want to become a nurse or a PA.

My church goes to Nicaragua for missions every year, and my pastor’s wife, who is a dental hygienist, would serve and clean teeth for those who cannot afford to go to the dentist. When I saw the works that she did for the people of Nicaragua, I was moved. I know some people may find the teeth to be gross but I never felt that way so I really started researching the different dental fields. I got my first job as a dental assistant in Union Square and absolutely loved it. It was so satisfying to see patients come with little stains and leave with pearly whites. I also enjoyed talking to different patients about traveling, food, and just getting to know them as people. I knew this was the job I would love so I worked hard to get to where I am. I wanted to also be in this field so that I can help my pastor’s wife when I go to missions in Nicaragua and give back to those who need these services the most.

As a child, I LOVED going to the dentist and coming back home with squeaky teeth. Now I am helping other people achieve that goal, one tooth at a time. As a senior who will graduate in less than 1 month, I can’t believe I have met great professors, lovely classmates, and of course, the most PATIENT patients!! Throughout my 2 years in the hygiene program, I was blessed to be exposed to many different cases and scenarios where I was able to make a diplomatic judgment that would be best for the patient!

During my free time, I love to explore various cuisines or enjoy the sunset with my husband.

Feel free to navigate my portfolio to see some of the things I have learned and achieved!


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