I started in the dental field in 2017 when I applied as a dental assistant. This is where I learned all about the impressions, how to take x-rays, and how to even hold the suction properly. In Astor Smile Dental, I was able to learn the back work, from how to use the sterilization machine to how to have good bedside manners.

In January 2019, I got a new job in Bethesda Dental where I got exposed to the insurance, billings, and how the front work happens. I was able to know different dental codes and downgrades, and how deductibles and maximums work. I am also able to know patients’ copays for specific procedures by looking them up on their insurance. I learned how to talk to insurance and reassure patients about the copay before they come in.

With these two job experiences, I feel very comfortable in the dental field because I know the back work and the front work and I know how the recall system works, and am familiar with Dentrix, Dentimax, Gendex, Vixwin.