Resources: Final Exam review problem 1


This problem requires the use of the Quadratic Formula, although, since no method is specified, you   also use Completing the Square (plus the Square Root Property).

Quadratic Formula resources:

WeBWorK on QuadraticFormula (you can use “Show Me Another” if you’ve completed this already)

Videos from the MAT1275 video library on the Quadratic Formula

Video of solution to #1b

VirtualNerd video on using the Quadratic Formula

If you prefer to use Completing the Square:

WeBWorK on SquareRootProperty problems 5-9 (you can use “Show Me Another” if you’ve completed this already)•

I will post a slideshow video on this soon. PLEASE do not “google” this because almost everyone does it wrong!

You may also need to review Simplifying Radicals and/or Reducing Fractions.

Simplifying Radicals:

Video on simplifying radicals by finding perfect square factors

Another video from VirtualNerd on simplifying radicals using prime factorization

Reducing fractions:

PurpleMath on reducing fractions when there is more than one term in the numerator


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