Photo Editing Projects

Internship in Communication Design COMD 4900

Photo editing projects involve a variety of creative endeavors aimed at enhancing, manipulating, or transforming images to achieve specific visual outcomes. These projects often use professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Common projects include retouching and restoration, color correction and enhancement, portrait editing, composite imaging, product photography enhancement, creative effects and filters, photo manipulation, collages and montages, social media content creation, and event photography editing.

Retouching and restoration involve repairing old or damaged photographs, removing blemishes, and restoring faded colors to preserve cherished memories. Color correction and enhancement adjust color balance, saturation, and contrast to enhance the overall vibrancy and visual appeal of an image. Portrait editing refines portraits by smoothing skin tones, removing imperfections, and enhancing facial features for a polished and professional look. Composite imaging creates surreal or fantasy scenes, often used in advertising or artistic projects. Product photography enhancement optimizes images for e-commerce platforms, while creative effects and filters evoke specific moods or styles. Social media content creation tailors images for social media platforms, and event photography editing post-processes photographs to capture and enhance key moments.

photo by Me Sahar Hauter
video by me Sahar Hauter for Muznab social Media
video by me Sahar Hauter for Muznab social Media