Sahar’s Last Journey

 Internship in Communication Design COMD 4900

I am Sahar, fueled by a profound love for photography. The impetus for my immersion into this visual art form arose from the aftermath of a war that left my home and city in ruins, compelling me to depart from our country. Years ago, I embarked on the journey of photography initially as a hobby, a clandestine passion concealed from the societal norms ingrained in our culture.

In our society, girls are expected to pursue esteemed professions like medicine or education. Photography, deemed a worldly pursuit, diverges from these conventional norms. Consequently, I opted to shroud my burgeoning passion in secrecy, a silent rebellion against societal expectations.

In my public life, reticence defines me. The act of speaking triggers palpable nervousness, inducing tremors and mental lapses, rendering expression through words a formidable challenge. This ongoing struggle has inflicted psychological pain. Paradoxically, within the realm of silence, I discovered strength — the ability to articulate emotions through the language of the eyes.

Photography emerged as my silent narrative, a mode of communication allowing the conveyance of ideas, meanings, and feelings without the constraints of spoken words. It became evident that in the visual realm, I unearthed a voice transcending the limitations of speech, providing profound solace and a medium through which genuine self-expression could flourish.”

some of my work through this semester.