Through my Lens

Internship in Communication Design COMD 4900 

Capturing Life Through My Lens: A Photographer’s Journal

In the realm of photography, change is a constant companion. As I continue my photography work in person, I find solace in the familiar click of the camera, freezing moments in time. The transition to remote work as a photo editor brought a shift in my routine. Now, my days are marked by waiting for my manager’s feedback, a process that demands patience and precision.

Virtual encounters with clients have become the new norm, bringing both advantages and challenges. The time saved from commuting is a precious gift, allowing me to focus more on refining my craft. Virtual interactions also provide a comfortable space for clients, especially those battling social phobias, to express themselves.

However, this virtual landscape is not without its hurdles. The routine, once dynamic, now feels monotonous. Prolonged periods of inactivity test my creativity and resilience. Communication, vital in our profession, becomes a challenge if management is disorganized. Navigating these obstacles has become an essential skill, teaching me adaptability and fortitude.

In this ever-changing landscape, my camera remains my constant companion, capturing the beauty of both the world outside and the challenges within. Each click tells a story, not just of the subjects before me, but of my journey as a photographer navigating the complexities of the digital age.