Creating Connections!

Internship in Communication Design COMD 4900 

Sources: Photo from Pexels

During my internship, I delved into the vibrant world of photography, contributing my skills to diverse projects. I passionately lensed portrait sessions, immortalizing the essence of individuals through my camera’s eye. The thrill of capturing special events was a highlight, where each click documented memories in the making.

One of the most enriching aspects was my interaction with clients. Ensuring their expectations were not just met, but consistently exceeded, became my mission. This went beyond technical expertise; it demanded effective communication and professionalism. Building strong connections with clients was not merely a task but an art. Understanding their desires, translating them into visual marvels, and witnessing their satisfaction was incredibly rewarding.

Every click was more than a moment frozen in time; it was a testament to the relationships I built and the stories I told through my lens. This internship was more than a job—it was a journey of creative expression and meaningful connections.