Double Indemnity

Once again, the femme fatale in this movie strikes and reels in the protagonist to get him to do what she wants. I thought the story line this noir film got my attention, especially when it was so obvious that Phyllis was taking advantage of Neff after she went along with the plan of killing her husband, what a twisted mind. Like always, small clues left big tracks behind which eventually caught up with Neff leading to him killing Phyllis. This noir film also still follows the convention of the protagonist “redemption”.

In noir films, the protagonist are not heroes of the film, but really redeemers of a tragedy they’ve gotten themselves into. This happen especially in this case, Neff ended up confessing what he had done on a recorder and to Keyes as well. It’s like he knew it was a matter of time that he was going to get caught, why not make yourself look better. He also did pretty much end Phyllis’ reign of terror on the manipulation of her victims.

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