Blade Runner

This film shows highly developed technology to make human cloning itself possible. This copy looks like we have the impression that today’s “clone”, even though people copying our humanity itself no different in appearance, but its “flesh” is based more on mechanical and electronic technologies. Therefore, it is difficult to create with its own independent thoughts and feelings, only unconditionally obey the command of humans, but life is also limited in just four years. So inevitably lead to unfair treatment against human cloning. To extermination of these renegade clone, a SWAT team called “Blade Runner” is dispatched, Harrison Ford plays Dyke is one good one. However, in the Dyke hunting human cloning process, in which a beautiful game but then produced a subtle emotion. This will be love it? How people can fall in love with machines? The most basic of human emotions and traditional ethical tangle here.

Human beings for their own selfish desires manufacture its own copies, but they do not want to think about empowerment. In fact, the presence of humans in this process only difference with other substances, so-called human nature, was completely destroyed themselves. Sadly, people are not aware of such destruction from beginning to end, is still enjoying the dictates of wanton pleasure. When the self-destruction toward irreversible direction, everything is turning back the time, has always been considered a cold-blooded ruthless robot already has ceased to have human feelings. Save the lives of the dead are about to show their nostalgia for the world, even though the world is no longer worthy of their nostalgia.

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