Internship: Week Four

I attended my first networking event for class. It was a¬† TypeThursday event. It was one February 28th at The Type Directors Club. This is a monthly event where creatives get the opportunity to present projects that are targeted towards typography. They present their projects and receive feedback from the attendees. At this particular TypeThursday, a group of students from Paris were visiting and presented their works. It was fascinating to see how they approach typography. If I were to compare their approach to what I am familiar with, I would say that there isn’t much of a difference except some minor terms.

There were a few presenters that showed their take on creating a new typeface. Some were revivals of already existing typefaces and some were original. One presentation that stood out to me the most was a revival on a logotype for a car model. It was a car model for a German car (I think). The student “cleaned up” the logotype and showed a mock up on the car it is used for.

At this event I was able speak to a few students in the beginning. There wasn’t much conversation because of the language barrier but we were able to small talk. I enjoyed this event because I personally have a great appreciation for typography. I will try my best to attend as much TypeThursdays¬† as possible.