This week I was tasked with more flyers for the Professional Development Center. I still had to continue working on the flyer for the Women’s Empowerment Panel. The other flyer I needed to design was for a workshop that covers the basic in dining etiquette. I decided to do something simple but elegant. I didn’t want to just add copy on top of an image. So I took the illustrative approach and decided to draw the proper table setup when dining. I used that along with beige and burgundy as the color palette. I think burgundy is a very sophisticated color. I just decided to use one display font and a sans serif for the copy I was to include. I did different version of the same design to see what’s the best way to show the information. I sent out all variations and I’m just waiting for notes.

The flyer for the Women’s Empowerment Panel required special attention. Each panelist has to be linked to their LinkedIn profile. Faith, my supervisor overseeing the project figured it would be a good idea to put together a deck that includes each panelist with their bio. After sending in revisions of the flyer for another session of review, I started putting together a template for the deck. I did a few templates until I found one that would include all information and still follow the look and feel of the flyer. I’m still waiting for headshots and bios of each panelist.